Sunday, January 16, 2011

Phase 3: Editing

Editing doesn't seem so hard as oppose to the previous blogspot that I have. It's kinda weird having such ease in editing. I am so intrique with the mechanism used in the widgets. I think I have to look up a little more into HTML already. Funny thing is... I am so indecisive of what widget to put.

My previous blog has a tracker and a head count widget. Then I also have a several link widgets to do advertisements as well. Should I do the same? I even have a Facebook widget on my page. LOLX. The FB widget is cute though. LOLL... it updates with the latest status you put up in FB! Wahahaha. Since it's linked so it's kinda dangerous and you need to be careful with what u put upfront in FB though! Heh! XP

Ok for now, I am gonna decide and the next time I post, it's definitely with the cute widgets! That's all for now.

Over n Out,
David Hng

Friday, January 14, 2011


Announcement to all readers,

Due to the unforeseen circumstances and the circumstances that I never even saw happening, I'll have to be away for a while from blogging. My car was broken into and that meant that my laptop was STOLEN!! =(

I really do not want to be away but it is not something that I want. T.T All that I want is hehe... is take more pictures as of current and post them all in my blog later on.

Thanks and God bless all of you!

Over n Out,
David Hng

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Take 5

Not the band of course. I mean, I'm taking 5 minutes off my time to write some nonsense here. Not too much of a nonsense but just some ramblings from my inner self.

Hey guys, sorry I have been missing for quite sometime now from the bloody bloggey world. It's funny that I still know how to blog. Anyone can maintain a bloody blog nowadays. Well, for now....I'm definitely here to stay. Used to have better number of visitors though. Page view for yesterday amounted to 43. Thanks for the support and I'm sure I'll post more things up if I could.

I'm free-er nowadays but I think what I'll do is go try eat at every bloody place and then I'll give a fast quick review of the ambience, food, cleanliness, staff friendliness and restroom. I called that S.C.A.R.F. So that's it. I guess I'll also post reviews on things like places I went and even about my job whenever possible.

I got to work a bit now guys. Take care and be right back here for your entertainment.

Over n out,
David Hng

Monday, January 10, 2011

Phase 2 Test: Post

The second generally needed feature in a post is pictures. Testing format and posting procedures as well. I think it's going better than expected.

Phase 1 Test

Hi everyone, this is David Hng from Klang reporting from over his laptop with his long lost 5 cents opinions and 38ness. Pls bear with him as he try his level best to get his blog up and working to the complete (Phase 6: Module Finale)

Over and out,
David Hng